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Das bedrohte Paradies/Paradise threatened - the photographer Heinrich Kühn

AT/GER 2015, 86 min., Markus Heltschl, DE/EN

„Das bedrohte Paradies” gibt erstmals Einblick in das Werk Heinrich Kühns (1866 –1944), einem der wichtigsten Vertreter und Pioniere der künstlerischen Photographie. Kühns Arbeiten sind bis heute wegweisend und beeinflussen maßgeblich das Schaffen internationaler PhotographInnen und KünstlerInnen.

This film for the very first time gives an insight into the work of Heinrich Kühn (1866 –1944), a pioneer and one of the most important representatives of art photography. Until today Kühn’s work has a strong influence on contemporary international photographers and artists.

mit / with : Jeff Wall, Peter Weibel, Monika Faber, Florian Ebner, Ulrich Pohlmann, Peter Weiermair, Uwe Schögl, Anette Kicken, Klaus Pollmeier, Leo Andergassen, Christine Lammer-Kühn, Diether Schönitzer

Als DVD und Juweledition (limitierte Auflage inkl. 44-Seiten Booklet mit Photographien von Heinrich Kühn) HIER und im Fachhandel erhältlich!

Out now on DVD and Jeweledition (limited edition incl. a 44-page booklet with photographs by Heinrich Kühn ) order HERE


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Yasuni - Two seconds of Life

In Ecuador, the Yasuni National Park is one of the sites with the greatest biodiversity on our planet – and it also  holds a big part of Ecuador´s oil reserves.  Ecuador´s president Rafael Correa has made an  extraordinary proposal: If the world will pay for protection of  it‘s green lungs, Ecuador will leave the oil in the ground and  will invest in renewable energy.


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AUN - the beginning and the end of all things

When looking for alternative energy sources the Japanese scientist Sekai tragically dies. Twenty years later the Brazilian mathematician Euclides continues his research. The lack of an essential component won´t allow a breakthrough. Only AUN, Sekai´s son, seems to hold the key, to protect mankind from self-destruction.  
In the aftermath of the nuclear tragedy in Fukushima the film appears like a prophecy. AUN´s dream-like images, complemented by music from Christian Fennesz and Ryuichi Sakamoto lead into a fantastic and exciting world, full of brideness and darkness of life.


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Eviction of Intellect (part 1 & 2) 2 DVDs à 45 min.

AT 2008 & 2011, 2x45 min, Eberhard Büssem

part 1: The invention of the "pill" made scientist and biochemist Carl Djerassi one of the most innovative and famous men in the world. In addition, during the last decades, Carl Djerassi has also become a great art collector and successful writer. This portrayal follows him through the stages of his life and his work: from the places in Vienna where he grew up and spent his youth until he was forced to flee due to his Jewish origin, all the way through the city of Sofia and the streets of San Francisco and London.  

part 2: 4 World Stars of Science: Alfred Bader, Carl Djerassi, Walter Kohn, Peter Pulzer

The four scientists Alfred Bader, Carl Djerassi, Walter Kohn and Peter Pulzer, whose roots lie in Vienna, are all renowned men of science who revolutionised the “technical and historical consciousness“ of the world, till far into the 21st century. In spite of all of their successes, a traumatic loss hurts and distresses them all: As Jewish children they had to flee their home country in 1938/39. The film offers a well-documented look into their past to find clues and fragments to their lost homes, reasons for their international success and the implementation of their inventions.


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Unser Kampf

ab 9.5
Metro Kino, Wien

ab 10.5
Cinema Paradiso, St. Pölten

ab 14.5
Breitenseer Lichtspiele, Wien

Namrud (Troublemaker)

ab 11.5
Metro Kino, Wien

ab 14.5
Breitenseer Lichtspiele, Wien

ab Mitte Mai
Programmkino Wels

Breitenseer Lichtspiele

Mein Stottern
25.4 und 5./11.5
Die Einsiedler
Guardians of the Earth
30.4 und 8.5
Relativ Eigenständig
24.4 und 1./12.5
Wenn Gott will
Das bedrohte Paradies
23.4 und 9./13.5


in den österr. Kinos
25.4 Kino Gröbming

ab April
Kino Hasewend, Eibiswald


OFFSHORE - Elmer and the swiss bank secrecy,

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will be screened at

Dokfilm FF, Norway 2018
10.00am, 26th April


won The Scam International Award
at Cinéma du Réel 2018, FR

Play-Doc Int. Documentary FF, Spain 2018
6.30pm, 28th April


will be screened at

Crossing Europe FF, Austria 2018
6.30pm, 29th April

Ethnocineca, Austria 2018
6.00pm, 8th May

CinéDOC-Tbilisi FF, Georgia 2018
3rd - 8th May

DOK.fest Munich, Germany 2018
7.30pm, 3rd May
10.00pm, 5th may
9.30pm, 9th May

DocsBarcelona FF, Spain 2018
10.00pm, 26th May
8.00pm, 27th May


will be screened at

DOK.fest Munich, Germany 2018
9.30pm, 4th May
10.00pm, 5th May
09.30am, 9th May

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