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Elektro Moskva

AT 2013, 90 min, Elena Tikhonova & Dominik Spritzendorfer

Low-fi sound, tonal imperfection: sensation. Elektro Moskva is an essay-like narrative
about Soviet and post-Soviet “electronic history” – from the Theremin and synthesizer to the bugging devices of the KGB.

ELEKTRO MOSKVA (Electro Moscow) is an essayistic documentary about the Soviet electronic age and its legacy. The story begins with the inventor of the world’s first electronic instrument, Leon Theremin, unveiling the KGB’s huge pile of fascinating devices, some of which were musical. They all came into existence as a by-product of a rampant defense industry. Nowadays, those aged and abandoned ‘musical coffins’, as solidly made as a Kalashnikov, are being recycled and reinterpreted by the post-Soviet generations of musicians, sound collectors and circuit benders. The story of the Soviet synthesizers as an allegory to the everyday life under the Soviet system: nothing works, but you have to make the best out of it. An electronic fairy tale about the inventive spirit of the free mind inside the iron curtain- and beyond.







Visions du Réel, Nyon 2013 | Sheffield DOK Fest 2013 | FID Marseille 2013 | New Horizons 2013 IN COMPETITION Adelaide - Big Pond Film Festival, 2013 | Cork - IndieCork Film Festival, 2013 | Graz - Diagonale, Festival des österreichischen Films 2013 | Joensuu - Rokumentti Rock Film Festival 2013 | Kaunas Int. Film Festival 2013 | Köln - SoundTrack_Cologne 2013 | Leipzig - Int. Festival für Dok.- u. Animationsfilm 2013 | Paris - Festival Serendip 2013 | Victoria - Antimatter Underground Film Festival 2013 | Wiesbaden - exground on screen 2013 | Göteborg Int. Film Festival 2014 | Film Festival Rotterdam 2014 | Buenos Aires 14 - BAFICI Int. Independent film Festival | Salem Int. Filmfestival 2014 | CTM Festival for Adventurous Music and Art - Berlin 2014 | Flatpack Festival - Birmingham 2014 | Sofia Int. Filmfestival 2014


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ATTENTION - A LIFE IN EXTREMES beim Bergfilmfestival in Salzburg

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TALEA theatrical release in Germany

11th Dezember 2014 

TALEA directed by Katharina Mückstein, will be in German Cinemas in Dezember 2014 

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Filmdelights @ IDFA - Docs for Sale

Christa will be @ IDFA  from November 22th to 27th! You can easily contact her via to arrange meetings!

Private Revolutions - Young, Female, Egyptian @ Filmfest FrauenWelten

After CPH:DOX and KASSELER DOK FEST the documentary PRIVATE REVOLUTIONS - YOUNG, FEMALE, EGYPTIAN will be presented at Filmfest FrauenWelten Tübingen 
23/11, 20.00, Frauenprojektehaus

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