Eviction of Intellect: Four World Stars of Science

Documentary | Austria 2011 | 45 min. | Eberhard Büssem

Eviction of Intellect (part 2)

4 World Stars of Science: Alfred Bader, Carl Djerassi, Walter Kohn, Peter Pulzer

The four scientists Alfred Bader, Carl Djerassi, Walter Kohn and Peter Pulzer, whose roots lie in Vienna, are all renowned men of science who revolutionised the “technical and historical consciousness“ of the world, till far into the 21st century. In spite of all of their successes, a traumatic loss hurts and distresses them all: As Jewish children they had to flee their home country in 1938/39. The film offers a well-documented look into their past to find clues and fragments to their lost homes, reasons for their international success and the implementation of their inventions.

Festivals: Vienna Jewish Film Festival 2010 (part 1) | Vienna Jewish Film Festival (part 2)

2 DVDs

Eviction of Intellect part 1 + 2

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