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Private Revolutions - Young, Female, Egyptian

AT 2014, 98 min, Alexandra Schneider

Shot over a period of two years, the film chronicles the lives of four young Egyptian women from various social backgrounds who are fighting for their rights and for change after the revolution.



Parcours d'Amour

GER 2014, 81 min, Bettina Blümner

How many rounds you do have to spin on the dance floor until all your dreams come true? Eugène, Gino, Christiane and their friends are already past their prime. But that doesn't stop them to search for love and sex with the same intensity of people who are wearing braces and not clinical crowns. They meet in Paris daily in dimly dance clubs, which are named "Memphis" or "Chalet du Lac". There they express their desire for living a full live in togetherness through dancing. And if prince charming is reluctant to appear the well-heeled ladies spent some money for lessons with "taxiboy" Michel. Michel dances with them for money - and behaves like a real gentleman, too. In search of love both - men and women - overcome nearly every obstacle, even if in many cases it doesn’t bring them closer to their aim.




AT 2014, 90 min, Elisabeth Scharang

The topic alternative working- and company structures of Elisabeth Scharang's new documentary film is a big global issue, that needs to be discussed above the film. The INTERACTIVE PLATFORM was created by the director and filmdelights to give people all over the world a forum where they can share their thoughts and experiences.



The First Sea

AT/GER 2013, 60 min, Clara Trischler

An NGO invites Wafaa and Raneen, along with a group of other young West Bank Palestinians, to spend a day at the beach – in Israel. Although they live nearby, an impenetrable barrier has always made it impossible for them to go there. Is this trip a fantasy or a window on the future?

“A touching story in the midst of the Middle East conflict” Austrian Broadcast



China Reverse

AT 2014, 90 min, Judith Benedikt

The story of the Chinese diaspora to Austria, the life of first and second generation Chinese in Vienna, the economic remigration from Austro-Chinese to their homeland and the consequence of cultural exchange in both directions.! Most came to Vienna by chance. Working in Chinese restaurants, dreaming of their own business, or bringing their family. China Reverse is the story of the Chinese diaspora ... in both directions.

Theatrical release in Austria: January 2015


AT 2013, Katharina Mückstein
GER 2012, Ann-Kristin Reyels
Aun - the beginning and the end of all things
AT/JP 2011, Edgar Honetschläger


Parcours d'Amour
GER 2014, Bettina Blümner
AT 2014, Elisabeth Scharang
The First Sea
AT/GER 2013, Clara Trischler
China Reverse
AT 2014, Judith Benedikt
AT 2013, Edgar Honetschläger
Elektro Moskva
AT 2013, Elena Tikhonova & Dominik Spritzendorfer
My Fathers, my Mother and Me
AT 2013, Paul-Julien Robert
Oh Yeah, She Performs!
AT 2012, Mirjam Unger
Evolution of Violence
AT 2011, Fritz Ofner
Yasuni - two seconds of life
Ecuador/USA/AT 2010, Leonardo Wild
Little Alien
AT 2009, Nina Kusturica


KICK OUT YOUR BOSS ab 21. November in Wien im Kino! Weitere Termine in den Bundesländern.

Parallel zum regulären Kinoeinsatz in Wien werden im Rahmen von Sonntagsmatineen verschiedene Aspekte zum Thema neue Arbeits-und Unternehmensstrukturen diskutiert.

ATTENTION - A LIFE IN EXTREMES beim Bergfilmfestival in Salzburg

Vom Unterrichtsministerium empfohlen! Schulvorstellungen buchbar über oder, Unterrichtsmaterial auf unserer Website!

TALEA theatrical release in Germany

11th Dezember 2014 

TALEA directed by Katharina Mückstein, will be in German Cinemas in Dezember 2014 

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Filmdelights @ IDFA - Docs for Sale

Christa will be @ IDFA  from November 22th to 27th! You can easily contact her via to arrange meetings!

Private Revolutions - Young, Female, Egyptian @ Filmfest FrauenWelten

After CPH:DOX and KASSELER DOK FEST the documentary PRIVATE REVOLUTIONS - YOUNG, FEMALE, EGYPTIAN will be presented at Filmfest FrauenWelten Tübingen 
23/11, 20.00, Frauenprojektehaus

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