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Fragile Memory

UA/SK 2022, 85 min, Igor Ivanko

Leonid Burlaka's films were seen by millions of people during and after the Soviet Era. Today, alzheimer's is slowly taking away his memories, his friends have already passed away, and his films and photographs are decaying in old boxes. The story changes, when his grandson - a young cinematographer Igor - finds Leonid's forgotten and damaged archive



Alice Schwarzer

AT/DE 2022, 136 min, Sabine Derflinger

Alice Schwarzer has always been a polarising force. As a popular figure on TV, she has divided married couples watching from their sofas across the German-speaking world and encouraged women to emancipate themselves. The film reveals a side to Schwarzer that goes beyond the influential feminist and journalist we know from her autobiography.



Infinity According to Florian

UA 2022, 70 min, Oleksiy Radynski

90-year-old architect Florian Yuriev always lived according to his own artistic vision. While in a Siberian concentration camp as a child, he created a universal language of colour and music that has informed his work ever since. Now during a fight with terminal cancer, he is facing the destruction of his magnum opus: a UFO-shaped avant-garde concert hall in Kyiv, set to be repurposed as a shopping mall. To stop this, Florian interferes with the dealings of a notorious property developer (who happens to be one of Donald Trump's Ukrainian cronies). Florian uses his vision to inspire an unlikely victory.


Factory to the Workers

HR 2021, 105 min, Srdan Kovacevic

The occupation of a Croatian factory in 2005 turns into an alternative form of production, against the capitalist economy. Factory to the Workers follows the 10-year struggle of the employees to prevent production shutdown and keep their collective vision alive.


AT 2013, Katharina Mückstein


Fragile Memory
UA/SK 2022, Igor Ivanko
Soldat Ahmet
AT 2021, Jannis Lenz
Alice Schwarzer
AT/DE 2022, Sabine Derflinger
Infinity According to Florian
UA 2022, Oleksiy Radynski
Factory to the Workers
HR 2021, Srdan Kovacevic
Slowly here below. Four monologues
DE 2021, Siegfried Ressel, Hannes Richter
Room without a view
AT/DE 2021, Roser Corella
Who's afraid of Alice Miller?
CH 2020, Daniel Howald
A Black Jesus
DE 2020, Luca Lucchesi
Glory to the Queen
AT/GEO/SRB 2020, Tatia Skhirtladze
Weiyena - The Long March Home
AT 2020, Weina Zhao, Judith Benedikt
This Land Is My Land
AT 2020, Susanne Brandstätter
JOHANNA DOHNAL - Visionary of Feminism
AT 2019, Sabine Derflinger
Backstage Vienna State Opera
AT 2019, Stephanus Domanig
Fair Traders
CH 2018, Nino Jacusso
Walter Arlen's first century
AT 2018, Stephanus Domanig
Children below deck
AT 2018, Bettina Henkel
Breathing life into stone
DE 2018, Katinka Zeuner
Namrud (Troublemaker)
AT 2017, Fernando Romero Forsthuber
Stuttering – My Constant Companion
AT 2017, Petra Nickel, Birgit Gohlke
Relatively independent
AT 2017, Christin Veith
AT 2016, The Riahi Brothers
With God's Grace
AT 2016, Gabriele Hochleitner, Timothy McLeish
Sochi - All in the game
NL 2016, Christine van Hout
Dil Leyla
GER 2016, Asli Özarslan
One Ticket Please
Latvia/USA 2016, Matiss Kaža
AUT 2016, Siniša Vidovic
Angry Buddha
AT/GER 2016, Stefan Ludwig
Paradise threatened
AT 2015, Markus Heltschl
Marzia, my friend
FIN 2015, Kirsi Mattila
Kick out your Boss
AT 2014, Elisabeth Scharang


ALICE SCHWARZER jetzt in folgenden Kinos:

Actors Studio, Wien
Apollo, Wien 
Schikander, Wien
Village Cinema, Wien 
Votiv Kino/De France, Wien 
Urania, Wien 


Mi 22.6., 21.00 Kino am Dach, Wien 
Fr 19.8., 21.00 Kino Wie Noch Nie, Wien / In Anwesenheit von Sabine Derflinger 

Moviemento, Linz 
Stadtkino, Grein
Volkskino Klagenfurt
Geidorf Kunstkino, Graz

4.7. Cineplexx Weiz
Filmclub Bozen, Italien
Ariston Kino Meran, Italien

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Who's afraid of Alice Miller
21.6. Actors Studio, Wien

Glorie to the Queen
26.6., 12.7.
Kino Cameo, Winterthur/Schweiz
26.6. DokuKino, Zagreb/Kroatien

Preisregen bei der DIAGONALE 2022

Bester Dokumentarfilm an Alice Schwarzer, Regie: Sabine Derflinger 

VAM Preis für eine außergewöhnliche Produktionsleistung an Wild Art mit WOOD - der geraubte Wald

Publikumspreis an Verschwinden/Izginjane, Regie: Andrina  Mracnikar

Franz-Grabner-Preis für den besten Dokumentarfilm an Weiyena - Ein Heimatfilm 

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Sheffield DocFest, UK 

Sat 25 June 15:45 - 17:30
Curzon - Screen 1

Sun 26 June 10:15 - 12:00
The Light - Screen 9


Sheffield DocFest, UK

Fri 24 June 13:00 - 14:30
Showroom - Channel 5 Screen 2

Tue 28 June 13:00 - 14:30
The Light - Screen 6

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