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AT/DE 2023, 85 min, Philipp Jedicke

VIENNA CALLING digs deep into the catacombs of Viennese music culture far from the mainstream. Part documentary, part staged, VIENNA CALLING is not a music documentary in the classic sense of the word, but rather a panopticon of eccentricity.



Uncanny Me

DE 2022, 45 min, Katharina Pethke & Christoph Rohrscheidt

Lale has been working as a model for eight years. But working on the surface increasingly exhausts her. The idea of being virtually cloned sounds tempting: She could make her own avatar work for her. Does reality even matter any more?



Igor Levit - No Fear

DE 2022, 118 min, Regina Schilling

Over the course of two years Igor Levit - No Fear accompanies the artist while he navigates his parcours between a traditional career in the classics, his need for activism and an uncertain path as a musician who connects and inspires.


Signs of War

UA/AT 2022, 85 min, Juri Rechinsky & Pierre Crom

Can we see a war coming? It starts with fireworks going up in the Crimean sky, hitting a civilian plane with 298 people on board over the fields of Donetsk, falling down on the city of Kyiv with Russian soldiers and bombs, on millions of local residents who are trying to flee from Ukraine, while thousands of foreign journalists are trying to get in. One of them saw it all coming.


He Flew Ahead - Karl Schwanzer | Architect's Poem

AT 2022, 73 min, Max Gruber

"He Flew Ahead" is the unconventional, polyphonic portrait of an extraordinary personality. Karl Schwanzer was an architect of world renown, a visionary, artist, legend, teacher and poet. He understood architecture as an instrument to bring people joy. Nicholas Ofczarek in the role of the architect shows Schwanzer's masterful talent and also that true, virtuoso lightness draws from the mysterious depths of the soul, into which no one ventures without danger.


AT 2013, Katharina Mückstein


AT/DE 2023, Philipp Jedicke
Uncanny Me
DE 2022, Katharina Pethke & Christoph Rohrscheidt
Igor Levit - No Fear
DE 2022, Regina Schilling
Signs of War
UA/AT 2022, Juri Rechinsky & Pierre Crom
AT / SI 2022, Andrina Mracnikar
The Investigator
CZ/HR 2022, Viktor Portel
Fragile Memory
UA/SK 2022, Igor Ivanko
Alice Schwarzer
AT/DE 2022, Sabine Derflinger
Infinity According to Florian
UA 2022, Oleksiy Radynski
Factory to the Workers
HR 2021, Srdan Kovacevic
Soldat Ahmet
AT 2021, Jannis Lenz
Slowly here below. Four monologues
DE 2021, Siegfried Ressel, Hannes Richter
Room without a view
AT/DE 2021, Roser Corella
Who's afraid of Alice Miller?
CH 2020, Daniel Howald
A Black Jesus
DE 2020, Luca Lucchesi
Glory to the Queen
AT/GEO/SRB 2020, Tatia Skhirtladze
Weiyena - The Long March Home
AT 2020, Weina Zhao, Judith Benedikt
This Land Is My Land
AT 2020, Susanne Brandstätter
JOHANNA DOHNAL - Visionary of Feminism
AT 2019, Sabine Derflinger
Backstage Vienna State Opera
AT 2019, Stephanus Domanig
Fair Traders
CH 2018, Nino Jacusso
Walter Arlen's first century
AT 2018, Stephanus Domanig
Children below deck
AT 2018, Bettina Henkel
Breathing life into stone
DE 2018, Katinka Zeuner
Namrud (Troublemaker)
AT 2017, Fernando Romero Forsthuber
Stuttering – My Constant Companion
AT 2017, Petra Nickel, Birgit Gohlke
Relatively independent
AT 2017, Christin Veith
AT 2016, The Riahi Brothers
With God's Grace
AT 2016, Gabriele Hochleitner, Timothy McLeish
Sochi - All in the game
NL 2016, Christine van Hout
Dil Leyla
GER 2016, Asli Özarslan
One Ticket Please
Latvia/USA 2016, Matiss Kaža
AUT 2016, Siniša Vidovic
Angry Buddha
AT/GER 2016, Stefan Ludwig
Paradise threatened
AT 2015, Markus Heltschl
Marzia, my friend
FIN 2015, Kirsi Mattila
Kick out your Boss
AT 2014, Elisabeth Scharang


L'AMOUR DU MONDE - Sehnsucht nach der Welt


Topkino Wien 

Leokino Innsbruck
Moviemento Linz
Programmkino Wels
KIZ Royal Graz

21. & 22. September:
Cinema Dornbirn

ER FLOG VORAUS - Karl Schwanzer | Architektenpoem

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will be screened at

NNW IFF Gdynia, PL 2023
27th - 30th September

6.20 pm, 20. September


will be screened at

London Georgian BLACK SEA FF, UK 2023
6.30 pm, 30th September


will be screened at

Festival Film a Architektura, CZ 2023
29th September, Bílovec
30th September, Hodonín
3rd October, Prague
3rd October,  Žilina
4th October, Brno

HE FLEW AHEAD - Karl Schwanzer | Architect's Poem

will be screened at

Architectur Film Festival Rotterdam
17.00, 6th October 2023 
Intro: Jan Pesman 


will be screened at
Crossing Europe goes... , AUT 2023
1st December
DAS KINO Salzburg

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