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Room without a view

AT/DE 2021, 73 min, Roser Corella

A thought-provoking gaze of the exploitative working conditions experienced by migrant domestic workers hired under the Kafala system in Lebanon.



Who's afraid of Alice Miller?

CH 2020, 101 min, Daniel Howald

Martin is beaten by his father and rejected by his mother - and she looked away. This could be an example from the bestseller „The drama of the gifted child“ by jewish psychoanalyst Alice Miller. Except Martin is Alice Millers son. He embarks on a journey and discovers a tragic war-story.



A Black Jesus

DE 2020, 92 min, Luca Lucchesi

For many centuries, in a small town on the southern border of Europe, people have been worshipping a statue of a black Jesus. 19-year-old Edward from Ghana, a resident of the refugee centre which is the subject of great controversy in the village, asks to carry the statue in the annual procession and to stand next to the locals that bear its cart. The community is divided over the response.

On a journey exploring the source of fear and prejudice against “the others”, the inhabitants of this small European village are called upon to question their own identity, starting with the very icon of their faith: a black Jesus.



Glory to the Queen

AT/GEO/SRB 2020, 82 min, Tatia Skhirtladze

Glory to the Queen revolves around the life and the legacy of four female chess stars from Cold War era and Soviet icons of emancipation.
Living in one city, their past and the present mixes into permanent performance.


AT 2013, Katharina Mückstein


Room without a view
AT/DE 2021, Roser Corella
Who's afraid of Alice Miller?
CH 2020, Daniel Howald
A Black Jesus
DE 2020, Luca Lucchesi
Glory to the Queen
AT/GEO/SRB 2020, Tatia Skhirtladze
Weiyena - The Long March Home
AT 2020, Weina Zhao, Judith Benedikt
This Land Is My Land
AT 2020, Susanne Brandstätter
JOHANNA DOHNAL - Visionary of Feminism
AT 2019, Sabine Derflinger
Backstage Vienna State Opera
AT 2019, Stephanus Domanig
Una Primavera
AT/DE/IT 2018, Valentina Primavera
Fair Traders
CH 2018, Nino Jacusso
Walter Arlen's first century
AT 2018, Stephanus Domanig
Children below deck
AT 2018, Bettina Henkel
Breathing life into stone
DE 2018, Katinka Zeuner
Namrud (Troublemaker)
AT 2017, Fernando Romero Forsthuber
Stuttering – My Constant Companion
AT 2017, Petra Nickel, Birgit Gohlke
Relatively independent
AT 2017, Christin Veith
Our Struggle
AT 2016, Simon Wieland
AT 2016, The Riahi Brothers
With God's Grace
AT 2016, Gabriele Hochleitner, Timothy McLeish
Sochi - All in the game
NL 2016, Christine van Hout
Dil Leyla
GER 2016, Asli Özarslan
One Ticket Please
Latvia/USA 2016, Matiss Kaža
AUT 2016, Siniša Vidovic
Angry Buddha
AT/GER 2016, Stefan Ludwig
Paradise threatened
AT 2015, Markus Heltschl
Marzia, my friend
FIN 2015, Kirsi Mattila
IT 2014, Valerio Gnesini
Solo - Out of a Dream
NL 2014, Jos de Putter
China Reverse
AT 2014, Judith Benedikt
Kick out your Boss
AT 2014, Elisabeth Scharang
The First Sea
AT/GER 2013, Clara Trischler
AT 2013, Edgar Honetschläger
Elektro Moskva
AT 2013, Elena Tikhonova & Dominik Spritzendorfer
My Fathers, my Mother and Me
AT 2013, Paul-Julien Robert
Oh Yeah, She Performs!
AT 2012, Mirjam Unger
Evolution of Violence
AT 2011, Fritz Ofner
Yasuni - two seconds of life
Ecuador/USA/AT 2010, Leonardo Wild
Little Alien
AT 2009, Nina Kusturica




The Trouble With Being Born

- Bester Film
- Beste Regie
- Bestes Maskenbild
- Bester Ton/Sounddesign

Die Dohnal

- Bester Dokumentarfilm
- Bester Schnitt


in den österr. Kinos:

Stadtkino, Wien
Actors Studio, Wien

Filmforum Bregenz (11.8.)
Spielboden Dornbirn (18./24.9.)


in den österr. Kinos:
Kino Katsdorf


Hinter den Schlagzeilen
30.7., 21.30 Uhr - Kino Wie Noch Nie, Wien

Die Dohnal
31.7. - Wanderkino Steininger

A Black Jesus
11.8., 21.00 Uhr - Kino Wie Noch Nie, Wien

Die Dohnal
14.8., 21.00 Uhr - City Kino Steyr
17.8., 20.45 Uhr - Open Air Kino im Zeughaus, Innsbruck

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wins Best sound design and
High school students award
at Sole Luna Doc, IT 2021

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