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Kick out your Boss

AT 2014, 90 min, Elisabeth Scharang

Workers vote on their company’s balance sheet, banks are no longer needed to finance loans, and going to the movies on a Monday afternoon rather than sitting at the office is an option. Restructuring of work has already begun. 197 million unemployed worldwide and burnout turning into the new national disease are sufficient arguments for finding an alternative to an economy focused solely on maximizing profits.

197 million unemployed people and the widespread phenomenon of physical or mental collapse known as burnout are arguments enough to find alternatives to economic systems whose only goal is the single-minded pursuit of profit maximization. This documentary gets right into the middle of the current discussions and demonstrates with the help of three examples in Brazil, Serbia and Austria how such systems can work in different ways: workers’ participation, profit-sharing, abolition of hierarchy – they all work without employees having to fear the loss of their livelihood or wage cuts.


Diagonale (Graz) 2014, AT | Planete Doc (Warsaw) 2014, PL | Millenium FF (Brussels) 2015, BEL







ER FLOG VORAUS - Karl Schwanzer | Architektenpoem

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KIZ RoyalKino, Graz

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1.12., 18.30 - Kino im Kesselhaus, Krems
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18.1., 20.00 - Moviemento, Linz
9.2., 19.30 - Volkskino, Klagenfurt


Actors Studio, Wien
Kino Freistadt

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Sabine Derflinger:

4.12., 13.00 - Admiral Kino, Wien


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Volkskino Klagenfurt (ab 13.12.)
Actors Studio, Wien

13.12., 19.30 - Schlossstadl Keutschach
18.12., 11.00 - K3 Filmfestival

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