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AT 2013, 82 min, Edgar Honetschläger

‘If you drink this juice, you'll make it to a hundred’ says the young man to his old neighbor, who replies: ‘I got to a hundred without this juice, didn’t I?’ Humor and wit form the basis of a friendship that bridges a huge age difference and allows the centenarian to resume: ‘For me the best part of life is being old’.

A travelling artist, painter and filmmaker has a centenarian neighbour. The relationship between this man in his forties and the solitary old lady with a wicked sense of humour gradually becomes a kind of elective kinship. Their discussions, interrupted and picked up again over the years, form the fabric of this personal, tender and surprising film. A calm observation on the inescapable power of the passage of time.


Visions du Réel, Nyon 2013, FRA | Dok Leipzig 2013, DE | 10e Les Hivernales du documentaire 2013/14


Prix Buyens-Chagoll (Visions du Réel, Nyon 2013), FRA



DIE DOHNAL Frauenministerin / Feministin / Visionärin

ab 14. Februar 2020
in den österr. Kinos


demnächst erhältlich:

Eisenberger - Kunst muss schön sein, sagt der Frosch zur Fliege
Fair Traders

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#317: Die Einsiedler
#324: Zerschlag mein Herz

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will be screened at

Solidarity Human Rights FF, IL 2019
7.00 pm, 9th December


will be screened at

Iran Int. Documentary FF, IR 2019
9th - 16th December

Kino Xenix, CH 2019
8th, 15th, 22th, 29th December
and 5th January

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