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AT/DE 2023, 85 min, Philipp Jedicke

Vienna, the former music capital of Europe, has become increasingly relevant again. With the wry approach that is typical of this city, the young underground music scene there romanticizes the raw and rabid. 

Hedonist and nihilist at the same time, the young Viennese artists embody the opposite of self-optimization. They are unadjusted, eccentric characters – and they are filling concert halls not only in Austria, but also in Germany and Switzerland. VIENNA CALLING starts with the aim of being a music documentary. But increasingly, the true protagonist emerges as the city of Vienna itself. Like a flâneur, the camera saunters by day and night through the lanes, bars and casual joints of Vienna, taking diversions, becoming lost only to find its way again. 

The strolling rhythm is instigated by the music, performed by Viennese artists and their famous charm or "Schmäh". Part documentary, part staged, interwoven with musical performances, the project gradually reveals itself as a mosaic of eccentricity. VIENNA CALLING digs deep into the catacombs of Viennese culture far from the mainstream. With its many performances and semi-fictional scenes, VIENNA CALLING is not a music documentary in the classic sense of the word, but rather a docu-musical. 

The film provides a stage for Viennese artists like the Turkish-Austrian duo EsRAP, who are first generation immigrants, non-binary rap artist Kerosin95, radical feminist authors Stefanie Sargnagel and Lydia Haider, songwriters Voodoo Ju?rgens and Der Nino aus Wien, and many more. VIENNA CALLING is a poetic approximation to the underground scene of an old European metropolis that experiences the current cultural changes and conflicts of our time. Viennese artists take the room they need for their art in a city that becomes increasingly gentrified. VIENNA CALLING is an homage to daring artists, it is about the hardships of creating art and art's need for space and independence.


Diagonal 2023, AT | DOK.fest München 2023, DE | Beyond Borders 2023, GR | Unerhört Festival Hamburg 2023, DE | Nancy IFF 2023, FR | Filmtage Osnabrück 2023, DE | Cologne Film Festival 2023, DE | Szemrevaló - Sehenswert 2023, HU | Das Filmfest - Festival des deutschsprachigen Films 2023, CZ



Screenings im Februar

Cinéfête 2024 – Institut français d'Autriche-Vienne

Leokino Innsbruck
KIZ Royal Graz
Moviemento Linz
Programmkino Wels
Votivkino Wien
Das Kino Salzburg

Fanni Amann Tage – Laurentiussaal Schnifis
24. Februar, 10 Uhr
Film | Gespräch Agnes Karrasch | Kulinarik

Grätzelmix – Grätzel:Kino
29. Februar, 19:00 Uhr
Filmvorführung & Diskussion mit Ebba Sinzinger (Regie) Ursula Bittner (Greenpeace)


Premieren-Tour mit Regisseur Rubén Abruña

22. Februar
Leokino Innsbruck

20 Uhr – TICKETS

23. Februar

10:10 Uhr Schulkino Premiere 
20:15 Uhr Wien-Premiere – TICKETS

25. Februar
Apollo - Das Kino

13 Uhr Matinee mit Podiumsdiskussion – TICKETS

26. Februar
Schulkino im BORG Deutsch Wagram

27. Februar
Kino Freistadt

20 Uhr OÖ Premiere – TICKETS

28. Februar
City Kino Steyr
20 Uhr Screening mit Rubén Abruña – TICKETS

29. Februar
Climate Lab Vienna (powered by Deep Purple)

17 Uhr Screening und Podiumsdiskussion – TICKETS

9. März
11 Uhr (Brunch), 13 Uhr Screening
Vorarlberg-Premiere beim Human Vision Filmfestival – TICKETS

ab 23. Februar folgenden Kinos
top Kino Wien
Apollo - Das Kino, Wien
Admiral Kino, Wien
Leokino Innsbruck
Metropol Kino, Innsbruck
KIZ Royal Graz
Moviemento Linz
Volkskino Klagenfurt (Previews ab jetzt)
City Kino Steyr
Kino im Kesselhaus Krems
Spielboden Dornbirn (Human Vision)

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will be screened at

FIFDH, CH 2024
6:30 pm, 14th March - followed by a discussion
9:30 pm, 16th March


will be screened at 

The Gilmore International Piano Festival, USA 2024
12 pm, 30th April 


will be screened at

IDFA Vondelpark, NL 2024
7.30 pm, 21st February


BERLINALE / EFM (15 - 20 February)
Christa Auderlitzky 

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