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As sales company and distributor of socially and culturally important films – with an additional focus on films by female directors – we put great stock in the use of the medium of film in educational institutions and take a special interest in its use in further education.

Our new film educational offer extends the already existing service of school screenings plus discussion programmes in cinemas by offering films for direct use in schools, at universities, in adult education institutions, in NGOs, further institutions and companies.

Short film clips that can be immediately used in the classroom, teaching materials with numerous tasks in two languages (German / English) and educational workshops individually supplement our films.

Films and focal points

  • ALL
  • Art
  • Current Affairs
  • Diversity 
  • Environment 
  • Gender
  • History
  • Migration
AT 2021, Hans Hochstöger
Soldat Ahmet
AT 2021, Jannis Lenz
Room without a view
AT/DE 2021, Roser Corella
Slowly here below. Four monologues
DE 2020, Siegfried Ressel, Hannes Richter
Behind the Headlines
DE 2021, Daniel Sager
Wood - Der geraubte Wald
AT/DE/RO 2020, Ebba Sinzinger, Michaela Kirst, Monica Lazurean-Gorgan
A Black Jesus
DE 2020, Luca Lucchesi
Who's afraid of Alice Miller?
CH 2020, Daniel Howald
Glory to the Queen
AT/GEO/SRB 2020, Tatia Skhirtladze
This Land Is My Land
AT 2019, Susanne Brandstätter
JOHANNA DOHNAL - Visionary of Feminism
AT 2019, Sabine Derflinger
Children below deck
AT 2018, Bettina Henkel
Walter Arlen's first century
AT 2018, Stephanus Domanig
Fair Traders
CH 2018, Nino jacusso
Zerschlag mein Herz
AT 2018, Alexandra Makarová
Stuttering - My Constant Companion
AT 2017, Petra Nickel, Birgit Gohlke
Guardians of the Earth
AT/DE 2017, Filip Antoni Malinowski
The Eremites
DE/AT 2016, Ronny Trocker
AT 2016, The Riahi Brothers
Relatively independent
AT 2016, Christin Veith
With God's Grace
AT 2016, Gabriele Hochleitner, Timothy McLeish
Dil Leyla
DE 2016, Asli Özarslan
Voices from Chernobyl
AT/LUX 2016, Pol Cruchten
Angry Buddha
AT 2016, Stefan Ludwig
Paradise threatened
AT 2015, Markus Heltschl
Marzia, my Friend
FIN 2015, Kirsi Mattila
China Reverse
AT 2014, Judith Benedikt
IT 2014, Valerio Gnesini
Kick Out Your Boss
AT 2014, Elisabeth Scharang
The First Sea
AT/GER 2013, Clara Trischler
My Fathers, my Mother and Me
AT 2013, Paul-Julien Robert
Oh Yeah, She Performs!
AT 2012, Mirjam Unger
Yasuni - two seconds of life
Ecuador/USA/AT 2010, Leonardo Wild
Little Alien
AT 2009, Nina Kusturica

Education offer


  • Films and discussion programmes in cinemas
  • Films for direct use on site (educational and other institutions, companies
  • Teaching materials (German / English; incl. tasks)
  • Short film clips for teaching
  • Film education workshops (in Vienna)
  • Films for libraries (with or without projection rights)